About Lingadore

  • This website is an area where you can get information about the Lingadore brand, images of the products and links to your favourite items. We are here to give you as much information as possible about the brand and help you find out more about whether some of their designs are right for you.

    We are not the Lingadore brand, nor do we work for them. We are simply a website that outlines all the best parts about the Lingadore name as well as give you some of the brand's history. We believe that Lingadore will change, or indeed have already changed, the face of the swimwear industry and the face of the lingerie industry. They have made quality items affordable, they have kept their manufacturing at home in their nation of origin ensuring a carefully kept standard and finish and they have supported their partners and their customers to make for the best relationships in the industry.

    How do they do all that they do and make some of the best ranges of swimwear and lingerie? It's a handful of simple principles that keep them doing a fantastic job year after year. One, which we have already mentioned is quality, which ensures confidence in the item from those who wear it and those who buy from Lingadore regularly.

    Another part of their success is that they don't just do swimwear or lingerie both have decided to do both. Now, it is common wisdom that if you do too much of too many different things you end up stretched too thin. But Lingadore have chosen their approach wisely. They stick to lingerie and swimwear only. Not clothing and sports cars, or furniture and electronics. They make items that are similar enough that when they learn how to add something useful to their range such as a more comfortable kind of underwiring, they can spread this innovation across their whole line up of items, from their bras to their bikinis, or from their bikinis to their bras. With so many similarities to be shared between items of lingerie and swimwear, Lingadore have maximised the quality of their items by being able to focus on just a handful of developments, experiments and projects and yet push forward two different industries with just as much effort. It's this efficiency and cleverness that has kept their range strong and healthy rather than spreading themselves too thin.

    One more thing that we think makes Lingadore as good as it is might be its origin. The brands and designers of the Netherlands and the Benelux in general are superb. This whole region has been producing beautiful clothing for centuries and were centres of culture during the Renaissance. It's no wonder that their art, fashion, interior design and culture has become such an important part of our world. This can be seen in the subtlest ways in their collection. From the gentle earthy pinks of their briefs to the subtle polka dots, everything is quintessentially European and captures the quaint and cosy charm of the cities and towns of the Netherlands.

    Their swimwear is no different. The pretty florals and their famous crocheted dresses are all part of various European traditions, respectively from the Enlightenment's landscaped gardens to the Boho chic that was inspired by the region of Bohemia. Everything in their collections might seem like a modern design that you are familiar with, but you may not know just how familiar. There is history in the DNA of these designs and it is Lingadore that are bringing it to the stage of the swimwear world and the lingerie world.

    Lingadore.co.uk wants to help do this too, by spreading the word and raising awareness of one of the best and most loved brands of swimwear and lingerie in the world. Lingadore are available right now online and you can try these items for yourself. All of these design can by found at a registered retailer by simply clicking on one of the photos on our site and it will take you to a place you can buy this item and get more info. So try some items now and we know that you'll just fall in love with Lingadore.

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