Lingadore Swimwear

  • There are plenty of great things to say about Lingadore swimwear, but first and foremost, we love that they make items that are high quality at an affordable price. Lingadore have been making items of considerable quality for years and being based in the Netherlands, you know that their items will be beautiful and well made. Yet Lingadore swimwear has been consistently less expensive than designers that are just as good as them. For a swimsuit of equal quality from any other designer would be nearly £200 but most of the Lingadore swimwear range is much closer to the £70 to £100 range. Why is this and how do they achieve this low price point?

    Well, Lingadore are very careful to make sure that their work is as efficient as possible. They make designs quickly and effectively and release a strong season with a few great designs rather than releasing hundreds of items that aren't as well put together. This is an important element of their success and reasonable price point, because when a swimwear designer releases a huge number of items, some will be very popular and others less so. These items have already been made and it means the designer has lost much of their revenue on making these items that don't sell. Lingadore swimwear is much more lean and concentrated when it comes to their efforts and their collections, so they always end up making a collection that does very well.

    Lingadore swimwear also concentrates on quality first. As every designer knows, if quality is assured, people feel confident coming back again and again for more items from the same designer. This means that when more Lingadore swimwear gets released, it is instantly popular. People now they can trust the brand and the brand, in turn, doesn't need to make their prices too high to make sure they make a profit. This steady and healthy relationship with their fans has always been something that Lingadore has specialised in. But it still isn't the whole story.

    Lingadore still stick to the idea that quality trumps everything. It is good quality swimwear that will keep people happy to come back again and again and that quality doesn't have to be expensive. Too many designers are eager to get the best materials and the most impressive extra bells and whistles, but Lingadore know that it's experience and careful design that make an item of high quality. This is what has guided them and allowed them to stay away from unreasonable and experimental elements in their swimwear and has let them concentrate on the timeless and always loved elements of swimwear design that has made them worth every penny.

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