Lingadore Lingerie And Loungewear

  • Lingadore lingerie is very much like their swimwear collection in many ways. They are built on a solid foundation of many different principles, such as using their time and resources wisely, making sure they listen to their fans, using their experience in swimwear design to influence their new lingerie releases and vice versa, but one attribute stands above the rest. That attribute is simply this, quality.

    They insist that everything they do is done with quality as the first priority and we can definitely believe it. There work is simply some of the best your money can buy and yet there price point is so very reasonable, especially for the amazing build quality you get with Lingadore lingerie.

    With a concentration on quality, everything else falls into place. One amazing thing that the quality of Lingadore lingerie results in that that it causes the price of their items go down. Why should a high quality item be available for less that others? Simple, each year they release a new collection of lingerie and their fans and customers see them as trustworthy and reliable. They scoop up these designs without hesitation if like their patterns or colours and because of that, Lingadore aren't left with an overflow of designs at the end of the year. Designers that make lots of low quality and poorly thought out designs end up with a good amount of them not selling due to them being boring or not very well made. Next year, their designs go up in price to cover the amount they missed out on last year. This doesn't happen with Lingadore lingerie. Their work is fantastic and their collections are small, meaning you will get a design that has been carefully constructed rather than a slew of rushed items.

    Lingadore lingerie is built with quality for this reason primarily. Building trust allows them to ensures that designs always do very well, their prices are fair and that customers always get the items they hope for.

    But that isn't the end of the benefits that arise from lingerie that is made with a higher quality than others in the industry. There is also the ability to focus on fashion much more. Once a strong base of robust fabrics and great fit is established, it isn't at all difficult to fully dedicate yourself to fashion. Lingadore lingerie is released in similar shapes and types of fit each year, meaning that the amount of time they have for making the designs more exciting is far higher. Lingadore have the luxury to create so many different new designs and be truly creative with their range of lingerie.

    Lingadore lingerie is also designed and informed by a strong tradition of listening to their partners and customers. Many of their best work has come from doing this. Lingadore are always asking their closest retailers what they need and what they want in the newest releases and what has worked well or what hasn't Lingadore lingerie has been shaped by this for the longest time. They know what elements of their bras and briefs are experimental and what are well loved.

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