Lingadore Lingerie And Swimwear

Lingadore Lingerie Range
Lingadore Swimwear Range

  • Lingadore is one of the world's most amazing swimwear companies. They are based in the Netherlands and have been making swimwear that is both beautiful and practical for years. Founded as part of the Mendals Group of clothing designers, they make swimsuits and bikinis that concentrate on quality and precise construction first and foremost.
    Lingadore also do so much than just swimwear. For many years they have taken their experience of making swimwear and have brought it to other endeavours such as lingerie. Their lingerie collection is respected across the industry for the beautiful items they produce and quality and attention to detail you can always expect from them, season after season. The same design principles that guide their swimwear collection also guide them and inform them when making their other types of clothing.
    They concentrate on quality without unnecessary over-designing, on great materials that last, on designs that impress and bring people back to the brand year after year and making things that are timeless rather than throwing their resources at things that people don't really want in their items of clothing.
    Lingadore are actually something of a unique name in the world of clothing. There are not many designers that do both swimwear and lingerie, as each is a very technical product and each is very difficult to get right. But Lingadore know how to translate elements from one collection to the next expertly.
    The reason for this is that swimwear and lingerie share many similarities. The support that goes into bras is the same that goes into a bikini top, the ergonomic principles that define the comfort of the briefs is universal, the elements that make these items beautiful and fun like colour and pattern are just as difficult to get right and just as important to the person wearing them.
    Each success with one area has meant a better understanding in the other. As a result, their brand has grown more and more robust and skilled with each passing year. So let's take a quick look at these two different collections of swimwear and lingerie and see if we can't find out some more about what makes each so wonderful and timelessly popular.